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Kategorie: Allgemeines
Von: Dennis Kroll

ComTec auf der Konferenz VTC 2016 - Spring

ComTec hat erneut an der IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference erfolgreich teilgenommen. Diesmal fand die Konferenz im Mai 2016 und in Nanjing, China, statt. 


Im Rahmen seiner Funktion als Editor-in-Chief des IEEE VT Magazines stellte Prof. David auf einem Plenary das IEEE VT Magazine vor und präsentierte die Möglichkeiten dort Veröffentlichungen einzureichen (s. Bild). 


Zudem wurde dort die reguläre Veröffentlichung “How Near is Near: a Case Study of the Minimum Distance to Distinguish Neighboring Places in Place Learning Using Wi-Fi Signals” der Autoren Yaqian Xu, Doan Duong, und Klaus David von Yaqian Xu präsentiert.


Abstract: Place learning is a process of analyzing various sensor data (e.g., continuously collected Wi-Fi scans) to discover the places, which are related to a user’s routines or activities in his daily life. While the geometry-based approaches can correctly distinguish places in different buildings, most of the fingerprint-based approaches can correctly distinguish places in different rooms. However, if two neighbouring places are very near to each other, they are likely to be learned as a single place. Previous studies do not specifically indicate the minimum distance to distinguish neighboring places. In this paper, we deal with the question of “how near is near” for two neighbouring places, and experimentally investigate the minimum distance required to distinguish two neighbouring places. Results of the case studies show that places in adjacent rooms or with a distance of at least 4-5 meters can be correctly distinguished, while locations with a distance of fewer than 4 meters are likely to be learned as one place in the indoor environment.