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Kategorie: Öffentlichkeit
Von: Klaus David

Eingeladener Vortrag

Centre right: Prof. Lajos Hanzo (University of Southampton, UK and General Chair VTC 2022 London) and left Prof. David, and Team Prof. Hanzo, London Imperial College

London, London Tower Bridge, and the Shard at dusk

K. David, invited keynote, “Collaborative collision avoidance using 5G/6G: “The wireless seatbelt””, IEEE VTC, London, 27.9.2022

VTC2022-Spring and VTC2022-Fall, the flagship conference of VTS with a tradition of over 70 years, were successfully held in a hybrid manner, after being held virtually for the past two years due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. VTC2022-Fall was the first VTC to be held simultaneously in two geographical venues: London, UK, and Beijing, China.