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Von: Klaus David, Judith Heinisch

Klaus David als Keynote Sprecher auf der IEEE PIMRC in Montreal

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Bildausschnitt aus dem Programm der IEEE PIMRC'17

Am 11.10.17 hat Herr Klaus David auf der IEEE PIMRC in Montreal als Plenary-Keynote-Sprecher den Vortrag "The Wireless Seat Belt: An Innovative Approach for CAR2P/VRU Safety Based on 5G and Machine Learning" gehalten.

Abstract: The World Health Organization in its latest report on road safety states that more than 20% of all road traffic deaths comprise pedestrians – far more than a quarter of a million per year. Since many years the automotive industry is working on reducing this number by using passive as well as active approaches (like Camera or LIDAR based systems). Recent advances in mobile communications (LTE and 5G) and Machine Learning allow for an innovative, co-operative Car2P/VRU (car to pedestrian/ vulnerable road user) safety system, which we call Wireless Seat Belt (WSB). Starting from typical accident scenarios, the requirements for such a system, including the requirements for the wireless communications, especially latency, various architectures and an overall system solution are discussed. This includes how machine learning helps to determine the activity of the pedestrian such as walking, standing, or stepping down a curb – based on real-time sensor data of smartphones. This context information and its interpretation is a prerequisite for correcting available sensor data, e.g. increasing position accuracy and for triggering accident avoidance actions. For full acceptance of WSB there are further concerns to be considered, such as privacy protection and the prevention of false alarms. Furthermore, it will be shown, how WSB can be economically viable to various stakeholders and ideas for sustainable business cases are sketched. The keynote provides an indication, why WSB is close to an optimal solution and its advantages compared to other approaches. (