Com. Techn. 1Com. Techn. 1

Communication Technologies 1

(Machine Learning)


  • Informatics-master course: 4 SWS
  • Electrical engineering - Telecommunications: 4 SWS
  • Master Program Electrical Communication Engineering: 4 SWS (lecture & laboratory training)

Kind of lecture:

Lecture and presentations


By arrangement

Target audience:

  • Informatics - Technical informatics
  • Electrical engineering - Telecommunications
  • Master program electrical communication engineering


The lecture contents i.a. following topics:

  • Introduction to machine learning
    • Data collection
    • Nominal data
    • Time series
  • Introduction in how to write (composing) scientific papers
  • Feature Selection
  • Classification
    • Bayesian networks
    • Markov models
    • Decision trees
    • Neural Networks
  • Clustering

Learning objectives:

  • Development of new subject matters,
  • Presentation of subject matters - both are very important skills for the industry
  • Scientific working (papers) and publishing
  • Content: overview of matrix detection


  • Discourse and 5-sided paper
  • No written exam

Practical training:

Only for the ECE-study course:  the laboratory practical training "Communication Technologies 1" is integrated in this event.


To apply for a seat, please use HISPOS

This semester we are adding the students which got a seat to the Moodle course. Via this course you'll get the information how to join the online-lecture.

Start of the lecture

Thursday, 14.04.2022, 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Place and time

On Thursdays:

10:00 - 12:00 am,

For the next time the lecture will be held online, details are announced soon.