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  March 05, 2005: Draft paper Submissions due

The 2005 International Conference on Internet Computing (ICOMP'05) will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 27 - 30, 2005. The ICOMP'05 Conference will be held simultaneously (ie, same location and dates) with a number of other international Conferences and workshops (PDPTA'05, CISST'05, IC-AI'05, METMBS'05, CIC'05, ...) The last set of conferences (IC'04 and affiliated events) had research contributions from 75 countries (the event held in Las Vegas had over 1,800 participants from all over the world.) It is hoped that ICOMP'05 will also have a strong international flavor. You are invited to submit a draft paper of about 5 pages and/or a proposal to organize a Technical Session/workshop (see the Submission information). All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

ICOMP '05 will be held in conjunction with

The 2005 International Multiconference in Computer Science & Engineering