Each technical session will have at least 6 paper presentations (from different authors). The session chairs will be responsible for all aspects of their sessions; including, soliciting papers, reviewing, selecting, ... The names of session chairs will appear as Associate Editors in the conference proceedings. After the conference, some sessions will be considered for publication in appropriate journals as Special Issues with the session proposer as the Guest Editor of the journal. Proposals to organize technical sessions should include the following information:

  • Name and address (+ E-mail) of proposer.
  • Title of session.
  • A 100-word description of the topic of the session.
  • A short description on how the session will be advertised (in most cases, session proposers solicit papers from colleagues and researchers whose work is known to the session proposer). Proposals should be submitted by mail or email (email submissions are preferred) to:
    Prof. Hamid R. Arabnia
    General Chair
    The 2004 International Multiconference in Computer Science & Computer Engineering
    The University of Georgia
    Department of Computer Science
    415 Graduate Studies Research Center
    Athens, Georgia 30602-7404